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Trouble with pigeons..!!

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  • Trouble with pigeons..!!

    We have a small park near our residence. My children and I used to spend our evenings there. I had noticed the presence of pigeons, and an elderly woman who used to feed them daily. Now, a flock of pigeons are appearing there, and most of the park benches and statues has deposited with these pigeon droppings. These pigeons truly destroyed the beauty of this park. So the park authorities are trying to get rid of these pigeons from the park area. They have stopped that woman from feeding these pigeons and installed scary decoys in the park, but that was not much effective. I have heard about falconry raptors which are trained to scare and chase pest birds. Can I recommend to choose any falconry services to get rid of these pigeons from the park? If anyone here had any falconry experience for controlling pest bird species, please let me know. It would be a great help.
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    Has the pigeon problem been handled?