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  • Help me with my garden

    Hello all, I love gardening. I have a garden in front of my home and we have small flowering plants and some vegetables there. Two days back I happened to see that my garden was totally messed up and I don’t understand how it happened. Yesterday I found 2 raccoons in my garden. I am really scared of raccoons and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. We don’t have any experience in keeping the trap. My husband told me that we would take some help from a wildlife removal service in Toronto Does anyone over here have any experience with them? Can anyone please tell me some ideas on how to get rid of them? Thanks in advance.
    Raccoons are mostly active at night & are very intelligent animals. Our raccoon control professionals are trained in humane raccoon control & removal.

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    Raccoons are dangerous species. Their poops are even scarier that it cause parasitic infections.