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Hydrangeas, when do leaves start to form in spring?

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  • Hydrangeas, when do leaves start to form in spring?

    i planted 20 hydrangeas, Sunday Fraise variety, in autumn in the Hawkes Bay. I am concerned that we are now at the end of September and I cannot see any leaves forming. When should I expect the new foliage start to sprout. The plants are located on the shaded side of the house and over winter the ground in which they have be planted has been cover d with mulch and bark. Can someone advise me when I might expect to see the leaves and then the buds start to form?

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    I live in a completely different climate, so I can't say for sure. However, I would expect a perennial plant to be producing new leaves within a month of date of last frost just about any where. If you've been frost free for multiple weeks and are not having any success, I think you could me concerned. If you bought the plants at a local nursery or garden center, you may be able to ask them for help or even a refund.


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      Hydrangeas: When it the best time to apply bluing? Any alternatives to expensive chemicals? I was told that pine needles would do the trick but they also have ingredients that seem to inhibit plants growing.