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Cocktail Kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta)

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  • Cocktail Kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta)

    does anyone know where I can buy the seeds or plant please?

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    The Cocktail Kiwifruit is set to take off in New Zealand .Growing on little bunches, much like a grape, they are far softer and sugarier than the regular giant fuzzy type & without that nasty acidity. A single plant is capable of producing up to an astonishing 400 mini kiwis once established.Here the discussion how to grow this, All they need from you is a strong support to scramble over, a site in full sun and a a handful of 10-minute pruning sessions over the summer to keep their mind on fruiting.Refer on web for getting more details about this fruits.And you will also get writing tips there.Visit


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      Hi Jonty, i tried to grow the kiwi cocktail fruit plant but found it dificult to grow in Whanganui. I did what the garden centre said to do and had a male and female plant. I grew it climbing along my deck and it only flowered once. The fruit started growing then dropped off. Then nothing after that. I have not attempted to grow one again. You could have better luck than me. Ask your garden Centre and see if the growing conditions are right for your region
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        It took years, but i now have two females heavy with fruit. And no, they do not grow in little bunches like grapes, they grow singly in long-ish slim stalks. I just don't know when the right time is to harvest them - and i need to know before the birds do....