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Edible Hedge - Citrus?

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  • Edible Hedge - Citrus?

    Hi everyone,

    Im looking at making an edible hedge, I have about 10m along the front of my property I'm hoping to grow a hedge. Im wanting it to be a pretty solid screen but not too thick (ideally ~ 1m thick or 1.5m max) Would a mix of dwarf mandarin, lemon and limes work for this? I know they wouldn't give as good a crop as they would spaced out, but if they were squashed up close would they be 'happy enough' to make a wall with the bonus of having something to eat too?

    Living in Hamilton - so has to survive a bit of frost

    Thanks for your help
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    Sounds like a good idea send some pics of how it turns out please I'd líke to try it too


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      I also want to try, I think it should be delicious. Now I'm waiting for my exam for which I was helped to prepare and I know that I shouldn't worry because they provide excellent service and would gladly eat goodies.