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Lemon Tree - leaves curling

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  • Lemon Tree - leaves curling

    Hi, I am new to this forum and have an issue with my lemon tree. I recently purchased a lemon tree (meyer) to replace one that had died. I live in Christchurch and the soil where I am is not very suitable (sandy and liquefaction) for planting, so I decided to place the new plant in a pot. It was fine for three weeks but recently (within the past 5 days) the leaves started to curl and go limp. I initially thought that I might have over-watered it and so stopped. But, the situation did not improve. Consequently, I thought that due to the recent hot weather It might have been under-watered. So, I this morning watered it and added some fish fertilizer for good measure. The leaves remain green but are dull and they have curled. The soil around the tree is damp but not sodden. I panted it in citrus potting mix and followed the instructions. can someone let me know what is happening?