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Clay soil - learner gardener needs help!

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  • Clay soil - learner gardener needs help!

    My garden is on an island north of Auckland and i desperately need to improve the soil.

    I am not an expert gardener but I have a truckload of enthusiasm! I have been reading up on soil improvement but am more confused than ever.

    What do I use, bearing in mind I bring everything over in my boat? I like the idea of getting in bales of pea straw, (not too heavy!) but do I use it with compost and is fertiliser necessary? Do I layer it up or mix it all together? I see arguments for and against gypsum. Help?

    Thanks in advance

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    What kind of soil do you have?

    best thing to start is to determine the soil condition.
    PH level
    hold water

    A lot you can do without bringing to much from mainland its just to first know what need doing


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