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Help! Calling all swan plant experts!

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  • Help! Calling all swan plant experts!

    Help! Calling all swan plant experts! Can you help me identify what seedlings in here are swan plants? (and which ones if possible).
    Having recently moved to the beautiful Hawkes Bay from Dunedin and trying to get lots of monarch food ready for the season, I purchased and eagerly planted in seed trays all the different swan plant varieties from the MB trust (Swamp /Tropical and Giant Milkweed) and put them a new plastic greenhouse thingy.

    However it wasnt quite as well secured as I thought and one particularly windy night it blew over and most of my carefully tended seed trays all ended up dumped out with other some flower seeds.

    After trying to salvage what I could I have now a few weeks later ended up with what in the photos and I have no idea now which are swan plants. So im hoping someone with greener fingers than mine might be able to help identify what swan plants ive managed to save/grow here. Thanks so much!
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