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Need Help With Water Repelant Soil

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  • Need Help With Water Repelant Soil

    So I have only been gardening for just over a year now and decided to plant out a garden I have previously never done anything with. However after planting some seedlings I discovered the soil was water repellent and water takes a long time to soak in. I tried digging it over and adding in some compost and water saturaid but I found there are actually a fair few roots under the top 20cm of soil. I did the best I could, I also have a health condition that means I have very limited energy and strength and digging over a garden is extremely difficult for me. The top layer now absorbs water wonderfully but under that its still water repellent.

    I am wondering if I keep this top layer wet will it slowly soak through to the bottom layers? Will the added nutrients from the compost slowly soak deeper down and help to restore the soil and change its water repellent nature?