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Plants enhance human mood

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  • Plants enhance human mood

    Hi there,

    Now it seems like plants are an inevitable part of the home and bathroom decor. The humidity of the bathroom is the best for growing many plants. Shower plants have a number of advantages too

    it improves the air quality

    they absorb the excess moisture

    eliminate bacteria.

    Plants have yet another advantage of improving the human mood. So it helps to remove the toxins from the air and human mind. Thereby you get a complete bath for body and mind. The stress and pressure of your life can easily be eliminated with a perfect bath. Here is the list of plants that can be grown in the bathroom

    You can place the plants in hanging baskets, and suspend them from your shower rod, place the pots next to the tub, place them on the windowsill or you can plant them in the bath and shower accessories like shower caddy. But if you go hanging the plants in the shower you need to consider the amount of sunlight you get in your bathroom receives. It is better to choose plants like bamboo, aloe vera, heartleaf philodendrons, orchids if you are receiving a smaller amount of light.If you have wide windows and huge sunlight availability, then you can go with air plants, azaleas or asparagus.

    Growing plants in the bathroom is an excellent way to dress up the bathroom. It enhances the beauty of bathroom by giving a spa-like look. Decorating the bathrooms with lush green leaves also helps you to get the benefit from the plants.