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Flax plant getting progressively smaller

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  • Flax plant getting progressively smaller

    Five or six years ago I planted about a dozen flax plants inside the 1.8 metre fence on my northern boundary which has a slight gradient. They are all doing well except for one plant. From the top of the gradient down the fenceline there are now eleven thriving flax bushes more than two metres tall. The plant at the bottom produced stalks with seed pods several years ago but none of the other plants did this.This plant is diminishing in size and the leaves are getting progressively smaller and turning yellowish green. It doesn't look healthy and as it is getting smaller I wonder if it is dying. The only difference I can see in the locations of the plants is that the ailing one at the bottom of the slope would get more water than the ones at the top but I've often seen flax in swampy areas so presumably that isn't the cause. I'm hoping someone on here might know what's going on with this plant.