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  • Gravel for my garden?

    Gravel can be used to enhance the aesthetics while recreating your garden. The gravel provides a smooth texture, symmetry and functional values to your garden. So it is better to have a section plan before placing the gravel. If we have an accurate plan of where to place the gravel, then it would add a precise and clean look to your garden. While selecting the gravel here are some facts to be noted:
    1) Functionality is the super criterion
    2) Size and shape of the gravel.
    3)Quality plays a vital role.
    I have a huge front yard with a beautiful garden. Now, I have planned to bring a total makeover to my garden. So I would like to purchase new gravel and aggregates. I got a list of gravels from a landscape supply company in Toronto. Before, I had some crushed gravels here. Now, I am planning to get 1 1/2 inch Riverstone from the suppliers. What are your thoughts on this? Please do share some valuable suggestions for the same. Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Sharon, I have landscaped half of my backyard recently, it has a very slight slope and used to get very wet during winter, from water run off from the neighbours further up. I have laid a nice grey round stone 20 ml pebble straight from the quarry, (best and cheapest place to get it from) I laid this about 4 to 5 inches thick which will stop the weeds, and help with drainage, a combination of large red pavers amongst it looks great, less lawn to mow, and easy to walk on. Don't go anything smaller than 20ml stone, my neighbour went smaller but it did not work out.
    Cheers Russ


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      Hi Russ
      Excatly what I was searching for: someone who has achieved what I am planning. I have a tiny budget though, plants and so on take precedence. How did you go about the the preparation of the ground? I will need to kill the scrappy grass first.
      Cheers, Ireen