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Did you know that a good image of your packaging can retain you?

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  • Did you know that a good image of your packaging can retain you?

    Get home. Open the mailbox. A small package wrapped with masking tape. Without Logo. It will surely be that bracelet that we ask for as a gift on Mother's Day. Or not.

    In another house, near or far from ours, a small cardboard box appears, with a badge of the craftsman who sends it. When you open it, those plastics with bubbles that make kids, cats, and dogs happy. The bracelet, wrapped in a cloth bag. And, to top it off, a card thanking us for the purchase. Careful details for a good gift.It is a pleasant surprise when orders arrive home or to the Post Office or the distribution company. Gifts for girlfriend But, really, these have an added bonus when the store that sends it takes care of every detail. How much is that plus worth? Your image and that of your brand . What can custom box design bring you? That they remember you and recommend you.

    Design is as important as trusting that the product will arrive in correct condition thanks to good packaging. Remember that if a distribution company is responsible for taking the order, you need cardboard boxes with breakage prevention. Resistant and withstanding the multiple blows or weather conditions that can spoil our work and image.

    In you can design your box, request a quote and receive discounts and promotions with your first purchase. And most importantly: breathe easy knowing that the product will arrive in perfect condition.

    Why do we spend less for Father's Day than for Mother's Day?

    If you're buying a gift for your dad for Father's Day this Sunday, I bet you spend less than you did for Mother's Day.
    With the imminent celebration of Father's Day, which is celebrated on June 18 in the United Kingdom, the United States and more than 70 countries -from Argentina to Zambia-, a sales boom is expected around the world.
    But even though we spend more and more for Father's Day , the figure is still lower than that of Mother's Day.
    In the US, it is estimated that an average of US $ 135 will be disbursed for each parent , according to the National Retail Trade Federation (NRF).
    And in total sales are expected to reach $ 15.5 billion.