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  • Actinidia chinensis

    I have a problem with the cultivation of Actinidia chinensis. I've lost a few plants for the last three years. Yellow, chlorosis and finally die. Finally, I was able to find a forum and I hope someone can help with growing A. chinensis !?
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    It requires a sheltered sunny position, preferably against a south or west-facing wall. In milder, more Mediterranean climates they can be grown out in the open. They will grow best in fertile, well-drained slightly acid soil, which has been previously enriched with organic matter. Plant Actinidia chinensis 3-4.5 meters apart, but remember that both sexes will be required to produce fruit. Only one male plant is needed for several females so long as they are in close proximity. They will start to produce fruit three to four years after planting. Water well during the growing season and apply a mulch of well-rotted farm manure or garden compost in the spring. Avoid touching the base of the stem with the mulch. Hope this helps!