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Eradication of weeds.

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  • Eradication of weeds.

    Hi. I am planting a native garden in a rural setting but can't get on top of the weed growth. Currently battling convolvolous. Are there any tried and true methods out there?

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    For convolvulus I use the manual method .. racking ...same for wandering jew which is another terrible weed.


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      Persistence is the cure for most weeds. If you cultivate every week or two... it's fast, don't need to do a perfect job, it's pretty easy to kill annual weeds like convovulus. Perennials, like #@#! cooch (sp?) grass must be dug out by the roots.


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        Hi, unwanted plants (weeds) can easily be controlled by using a mulch on the ground. This can be almost any material, pebbles, bark, paper etc. I used some old carpets for the purpose and cut the carpets to required sizes with holes where the stems of my desired plants were. To make it look more natural, I covered the carpets with lawn cuttings (any other suitable material can be used). The carpets have the advantage that any water will flow through and air movement still takes place, it also keeps the soil cool and water loss is minimized. I also placed irrigation pipes below the carpets with sprayers where my plants are. The carpets can be lifted occasionally to check that everything is still OK. Happy gardening.