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Help - newbie gardener - leaves curling on new growth

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  • Help - newbie gardener - leaves curling on new growth

    Hi all,

    We have a ficus tuffi hedge about three years old. Over the past month one of the trees is seeing extreme leaf curling. The leaves are rolling into a banana shape in some cases. It’s affecting one tree and now starting to affect the neighbouring tree. The key thing is that it is ONLY affecting NEW GROWTH. The leaves are totally fine on the inside of the tree, just the new growth over the past month is seeing leaf curling.

    We have a irrigation system and we live in Auckland so it’s getting plenty of water. I tried googling and that was no help as one website said it was under watered and another said over watered.

    I am wondering if it could be a disease of some sort? Please help me out!

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