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Vegepod soil full of tiny web-like roots??

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  • Vegepod soil full of tiny web-like roots??

    Hi, I have been trying to have success with a vege pod garden. I know nothing and am not being very successful with my plants but do not want to give up. The soil that I put in my vegepod about a year ago is now absolutely full of very fine roots (as thin as a spider web). I do not have a weed problem, just masses of these roots throughout. I think they are effecting my vege roots and may be the cause of my veges not thriving? I have just bought $100 worth of new vege mix and am going to replace all of the soil to try and solve the problem. I am however concerned that the root system or whatever it might be will return if I don't mange to clean the container well enough,
    Does anyone have an idea as to what it is in my soil and/or how to get rid of it?
    Thanks for reading this.