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Fuzzy little bug - Can anyone identify?

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  • Fuzzy little bug - Can anyone identify?

    Hi All

    I have a range of chilli peppers; jalapenos, habaneros, ghosts and a few other super hots.

    Every now and then I find these little guys hiding on the stems of leaves. I don't see much effect on the plants when I do find them. Only the habaneros are showing signs of stress with some leaf curl and some brown spots although this could be due to the unusually wet summer we have had. I use Yates Natures Way Vegie & Herb spray for pest control but these guys seem resistant to it.

    Can anyone tell me what they are and how to best control them?

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    Hey There. They look like passion vine hoppers and they suck sap from the stems. They can spread viruses as they hop from plant to plant. There are a range of organic products on the market or you can make your own. I use Google a lot for information. Have a go.


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      Don't know their name, last month they affected my rose garden. Almost every rose plant was affected by these fellows. I'm selling rose flowers for living. When I came to notice these little bugs, I thought it won't affect my plants and flowers. But gradually it affected badly. I found some brown spots and curly leaves on my plants. I had decided to avoid it through the organic way. And one of my friends showed some organic methods to avoid these bugs. But it actually affected my plants and my businesses. During that time, I read a blog that was published by the Power Pest Control. Finally, I contacted their experts for help. They helped me a lot regarding almost every pest related issues which I was facing. I will recommend you to hire any pest control agencies to avoid those kinds of bugs from your plants.


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        The nymph of the passionvine hopper. You are lucky to get such a great photo - if you disturb them they hop off, which is interesting when a whole branch with them on is disturbed - make sure your mouth is closed! I haven't yet found a way to kill them off. They lay eggs on the corners of my fence pailings (painting the fence helped). The only other control really is to prune out all of the dead wood that carries their eggs and burn this (don't compost) before they start hatching. I thought it was around November, but obviously not if you are getting them already....