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Help! What's this on my lemon tree?

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  • Help! What's this on my lemon tree?

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    on: March 29, 2016 User: emjane posted:
    Hi, something is getting my lemon tree, and I don’t know what it is our how to treat it. Any help appreciated
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    Hi everyone,
    Insect and bug etc identification can be done with ease here. I do it all the time when the kids find things and we don't know what it is


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      You're pic is very small, but it looks like lemon tree borer, a small beetle that drills holes through the centre of branches. It's hard to see but it looks as if it's into the main trunk and big branches, which makes it hard to eradicate. Poke wire into the holes to skewer beetle or try spraying insecticide into holes. Or you could cut back past infestation but maybe not possible with your tree. It maybe terminal, hard to say without seeing bigger pic or series of pics. Cheers.


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        It could also the like citrus rust mite.