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Yams - excessive top growth

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  • Yams - excessive top growth

    my yams hav single stem foliage 15-20cm high. Not the usual lower branched foliage. Can I or do I need to cut it back to send the energy to making tubers

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    I'm wondering if your soil is too rich or you've added too much fertilizer? This will create lots of foliage but not too many tubers. Yes, I would cut the stalk at about halfway up to make the plant send side shoots. By the way - the cut off bits will grow too if you want more plants.


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      Did your yam plants produce any tubers? My yams similarly had masses of very long top growth but not a single tuber. I grew mine in Capital Compost veggie mix which i believe is contaminated with a herbicide and is the reason for my failed crop (bought compost in October 2018). Cheers, Andrew.


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