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Mid-summer Hybernation!

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  • Mid-summer Hybernation!

    Potatoes grew well, online said 30cmspacing, really need 100cm! But now they are dying back & summer is far from over! Ive potted some & placed in cool dark place.

    Garlic also gone into Hybernation! I may have watered it a bit much, & it did not have direct sunlight, supermarket bought northern hemisphere, it grew very well initially before planting. The bulbs, though tiny, are healthy. Potted & stored with potatoes.

    I plan to put both potaoes & garlic in the fridge for a few days, then replant. do you think this will reset them for a late summer growth spurt?

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    Got hungry. Decided to dig out main (centre potato) that was dying back.
    Top 3 potatoes were from nearby(ones I plan to refrigerate), top left might be red, that I thought never got going.
    However, on far right there is a tiny red, so one of the two reds I planted must have grown a bit.
    I'll replant all these babies, try to get them growing for end of summer.

    Im a novice, have done research (gardening books & online).
    All plants bought from Produce section of supermarket.
    My plot is 2m x 2m, I have Carrots, Onion, Spring Onion,
    Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Ginger (just sprouting),
    3 types of Kumera; which are running out of the garden like weeds!
    Not sure if one type of kumera grew, one rotted.
    Also had Turnip & Parsnip rot (perhaps I over watered


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      I've all found it in this book.