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  • Asparagus

    Hello, I have quick question regarding my established asparagus patch. It’s either undernourished or reseeded. They’re coming through rather thin this year but there is also this strange looking little asparagus sprouting, it’s thin with a bobble (ball) on top. Any ideas what this could be?
    Many many thanks

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    Hi. Sorry I can't answer your mystery plant question although it sounds like a seeded asparagus plant with the seed case still attached.
    I have an asparagus patch with 20+ plants. It requires a fair bit of feeding. I use General Garden fertilizer at a handful per square meter. Apply in Spring, Mid Summer, and early Autumn. In Winter I spread a layer of my compost (about 10cm thick) over the plot after cutting the dead fronds. I also use 'Ocean Solids' - A granular salt. I think its another 'Wally's' garden product. Once the shoots appear in Spring I scatter Chook manure thinly over the plot. Good luck with it.