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  • Pruning Saws

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    on: October 13, 2014 User: internetminx posted:

    If your garden is anything like mine, with a range of trees from previous owners dating back to anywhere between 1930 and the 1990’s, you’ll have a collection of trees that have been maintained to different standards by different owners. Branches of varying thickness – and some of them at height – all call for some serious pruning saws! I recently purchased a Wolf-Garten pruning saw from MetroGreen, importers of garden hand tools, in Timaru. They also gave me some really good advice! They helped me to pick a Wolf Garten pruning saw that I can switch between the smaller handle and the longer pole for places which don’t suit a ladder.
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    I haven’t anything to add to this comment, but I am looking for a good quality pair of general purpose secateurs and need help to choose between all the brands which have good reviews but not sure how genuine they are?