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Black spots on Griselinia

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  • Black spots on Griselinia

    Can anyone help. I'm in London, so this issue is happening in the middle of summer during a heatwave! My 3 year old griselinia hedge is developing these black spots! Last week I removed all affected leaves, but they are back again - in abundance! Ive attached a picture. Any idea what this is and what I can do to treat before I have a bare hedge?! Thanks in advance

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    That's a blackspot, another fungal disease, removed the affected leaves, sprayed with a fungicide.


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      Yes,it does look like a fungal disease. I haven't seen similar in NZ. Maybe it has something to do with the hot weather. Are you overwatering to compensate the hot weather-wet ground will aid fungus disease? Have you overfed? When did you last feed? A fungicide may help but you need to understand the cause rather than treating the symptom. Perhaps you should consult a local expert?