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    I have planted 6 new citrus trees (oranges, tangello, lime, mandarin) in a sunny position on Waiheke Island. They are all doing well, looking lush and in the last 18 months have grown well and are looking nicely established. Last year they all blossomed and I removed most of the flowers so as not to let them fruit too much being so young. But this year there is not a single blossom on any of them. I feed them citrus food, they get sunshine. They're in good soil. The only 'oddity' is that I have a grey water system and my laundry and shower water is piped down to the trees and irrigated around them to keep them watered. I use Eco (supposedly environmentally friendly) products. The laundry one contains eucolyptus. Would this be impacting them or is it just because they are so young that they are not flowering? Does anyone know? Many thanks.

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    Flowers lead to fruit, and a lack of blooms means your tree cannot produce. Some reasons for this would be incorrect cultivation, lack of nutrients, insufficient water, and bad rootstock.


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      Hello there! I also have two citrus trees but they are small now. However, they grow amazing! Your problem seems big, but don't worry - there must be a reason! Think, have you changed something in their cultivation? Maybe you changed their setting? Plants don't like it! Think about your acts again and for sure you will find a reason. Or maybe simply give them more time