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  • Newbie in Seddon

    Hi all. New to this forum and pretty new to New Zealand. I have 3/4 of an acre in town. Fantastic soil. About 40 fruit trees, some quite old, five sheep, and a couple chooks. Not to mention loads of perennials, annuals, and bulbs, and of course, weeds. I went crazy planting my first veggie garden, and messed up in various ways, but am still growing more than I can eat. The previous owner of this property didn't believe in thinning, and everything is growing into everything else both the garden beds and the orchard.
    Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say, and perhaps also getting some advice from time to time.

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    Welcome to New Zealand! Sounds like you have a full and busy garden. We lived in Seddon, Awatere, 30 years ago for almost 8 years. It was hard to leave. My husband had a big garden there.I tried to only grow hardy drought resistant flower plants there as the water system at the time was such the if people watered flowers and lawns in Seddon, the ones up the valley had not enough water pressure to get water even for cooking, drinking or washing and had to drive miles to get water. I believe it has improved since. It was there that i learned to love succulents, ice plants, and geraniums, etc.
    Happy gardening. Lyn