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    I am new here, but growing some rose plants and other vegetables and lost mood in these planting. I came here by searching in google

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    Hello. I am also new to this forum, I would like to become a way better gardener than I already am. At the moment my soil is hard, contains a lot of couch/twitch root and dock root. it boarders the property and beyond that is paddock and a row of large gum trees which don't do the soil any benefit, by dropping their leaves, bark and wee cones and taking the moisture. Ideally they need to come out, but I won't hold my breath! How do I get my soil to be friable and loamy? What can I add - cheaply- to make it so. I have access to animal manure - horse ( fresh and stable) and sheep- would these need to be broken down or could I just gather and place leaving the planting until later.


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