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    Hi all, I am Claire from the UK. I relocated to Auckland in January this year. I have always been a keen gardener, I had my own vegetable allotment in England for 5 years. I live in Glen Innes/St Heliers. Currently I am waiting to start work but this is unlikely to be until October due to the wait for the correct visa. I am 34 and fit and able. Currently i am training for the Auckland marathon. I would love to get involved with the community and help out. I am always keen to learn new things and skills and am not looking to be paid. The waiting to start work is driving me a little mad and I feel I am lacking some purpose and additionally I know very very few people in New Zealand. I am happy to be of assistance to anyone with a project whether its for a few hours or a few weeks or maybe even longer term. Drop me a message if you are in need of an extra pair of hands. The only limitation I have is I do not currently have access to a car.

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