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  • I am a new member

    hello everyone and welcome on this forum!
    I am a new member of this amazing community so I just wanted to say hello to you!
    I also wanted to say a few things about me that may interest you!
    I am a young gardener - I am only 25 years old - but I gained my experience as a child living on a farm. Beside animals we had also many plants that I grown with, so their existence is still very important for me!
    I am here because I want to share my experience with you, but also I am not an expert so hope that I will learn new things from you!

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    Welcome Livia51, I have horse paddocks within wheelbarrow distance and avail myself of the odd barrow load from time to time.
    What do you recommend as the best way to use it on the home garden ?
    I have dug it straight in with compost and a winter green crop of mustard where I will be planting pumpkins later, and I also have buckets of water with horse manure & grass clipping soaking. I add approx a litre of this liquid to a bucket of water and water the lemon tree and anything else that needs a drink from time to time.
    Brian from Belfast


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      Greetings! I'm a new member as well! It's nice to meet you, Livia and Brian. I have several gardens, with my vegetable garden being my favorite one to work in. I would like to be able to grow the majority of our food someday, but I have a long way to go. I'm not sure what else to tell you about myself... I have been gardening for almost 15 years now and am looking forward to learning from everyone.