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  • Hi

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd join up and put the feelers out here (pun intended).

    Gardener at heart, I.T. professional by trade. I've put together my own automated gardening system during lockdown. I intend to release most of the code as Open Source which means anybody is free to use it, and furthermore, the hardware schematics for each device so others can simply make items themselves. These include, but are not limited to, environmental monitoring, relays, irrigation, graphing and mobile/computer apps/control. The systems use both recorded data and AI to make decisions, and there are easy scheduling formats for everything.

    Of course there is an opportunity to build these for those who are not the technical type, but I believe in the current economic climate that both paid and free taught options should be available for all. After all, we all should be and can be growing our own food, in or outdoors and us Kiwis certainly like to DIY.

    I'd love to team up with some passionate and knowledgeable green fingers who know more about gardening than I do, and who would like to input into the project. I'm quite interested in identifying the common problems and requirements people would love to automate/monitor.